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Did you know it's been scientifically proven that smiling can improve your mood, outlook and attitude, leading to increased success in your career and personal life? Take it a step further … what if smiling (and happiness in general) isn't your reaction to great things that are happening in your life but instead is the CAUSE of these great things?

This is a 2-part book. In the first section, motivational speaker and success coach Darryl Davis shares scientific evidence about how smiling actually helps you have more success in all aspects of your life. In the second section, Darryl shares his proven, no-nonsense approach for making strategic changes to dramatically improve your life and increase your sense of purpose, giving you more reasons to smile. Based on this unique and powerful combination of brain science, timeless wisdom, and good old common sense, How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About helps you:

And the best part is, this is all a lot easier to accomplish than you think! You just have to take it step by step—and Davis serves as your personal guide to every point in the journey.

What would make YOU smile? Taking your career to the Next Level? Spending more quality time with your family and friends? Whatever facet of life you feel stuck in, How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About will give you a D.O.S.E.™ of everything you need to pull you out of any rut and get your wheels moving in the right direction.

In addition, if you have an area in your life that you feel stuck in, How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About will pull you out of the rut and get your wheels moving in the right direction.

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About the Author

Darryl Davis is a renowned speaker, life coach and creator of the nationally recognized term Next Level.® He is also the founder of the year-long coaching process, The POWER Program®, which has proven results of doubling people's income over their previous year. As a speaker, Darryl's contagious enthusiasm, hilarious sense of humor, depth of expertise, and flawless delivery are all jam-packed into a dynamic presentation of real world skills and techniques. He strives to bring his students to their "Next Level®" of success by training them on how to have more fun and less stress in their business and personal lives.